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Structure in painted iron or in steel inox.

Through a digital control panel, the setting of temperature and time of sealing is allowed.

Possibility to seal 3 different formats of trays (Series P1 - P2 - G) without changing the tool, thanks to the presence of a sliding selector in the drawer.

Film Reel, antifog and not, protected inside the machine. It is possible to obtain packs, trays and vessels, made of PP-CA-APET-CPET-PLA.

Model  : C1NE
Bobin Film  : (B1 TİP)
Yaprak Film

 : -

Isı Ayarı  : Var
Yapıştırma Zamanlaması  : Var
Kalıp Sayısı  : 3
Kalıp Tipi  : Sürgülü
Tabak Kodları  : P1-P2-G
Tabak Ebatları : 137x95
Tabak Cinsi  : PP/CA/APET/CPET/PLA
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